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Upgrade any make of Laminator with a Bead Applicator - Clich here for details.

Continuous Panel Production:

Adhesive Application : Two Component

Easy Clean Head Adhesive Bead Application.

A new advance in adhesive application for bonding laminated composite panels manufactured on continuous Sandwich Panel Laminators.

The new design of adhesive application is designed to work with many existing two-part polyurethane adhesives and dispenses with the messy wiper blade system. This method of application provides even coverage of adhesive over the full width of the panel.

The unit consists of a travelling bead head mounted on linear slides. The two components are fully mixed in the head and ensures fully mixed adhesive is distributed over the full width of the product. The two components are supplied from variable speed separate Isocyanate and Polyol metering pumps. The unit comes complete with its own set of controls and control panel.

The Bead head is mounted on a travelling arm that reciprocates across the line laying down the mixed adhesive bead onto the core material on the upper line and steel on the lower level. The overlay of the bead provides a high intensity of adhesive cover. Tests show that this does effectively provided complete coverage of adhesive between steel and core material.

The arm is moved to and fro by a linear pneumatic cylinder. The distance travelled is controlled by 2 electronic proximity switches. At the end of the run the travelling arm parks itself at the edge to allow easy maintenance of the head and removal of the head for cleaning.

Key Advantages.

  • No wiper blades to clean.
  • Full cover of product over profiled sheet.
  • Complete mixing of components.
  • Cleanable head.
  • Controlled coat weight.

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