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Bonded Panel Technology LTD


Continuous Panel Production:

Band Saw

Bonded Panel Technology has developed a range of Band saws to cut finished panels to pre-determined lengths.

The Flying Saw is used in conjunction with continuous panel production and as its name suggests cuts the product whilst it is moving.

Our Static Saws are used to cut long finished panels down to various lengths.

The machines can be tailored to meet customers production and financial constraints as the level of automation varies with client needs.


  • Full and semi automatic system available with auto or manual length measuring control.
  • Pneumatic tensioning device allows quick blade change.
  • Pneumatic clamping system holds the product during cut.
  • Standard max panel width 1250mm. Standard max panel thickness 300mm specials on request.
  • Dust extraction available.
  • Minimal burring.
  • Accurate repeatable cut. Tolerance +/- 3mm depending on sophistication of chosen control system.
  • Machines can be specially designed to be incorporated with existing production equipment.
  • Hard working robust machine with a proven design. We have machines installed all over the world.

Flying Band Saw


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