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Bonded Panel Technology LTD


Continuous Panel Production:

Caterpillar Press


  • The lamination machine is designed as standard to process slab stock from Mineral wool, EPS, XPS PIR and PUR core materials.
  • Caterpillar press to provide even lamination pressure throughout adhesive curing.
  • Manual core loading.
  • Operator loads slabs onto in feed pusher table.
  • 5 Tonne coil holders.
  • Coil bore 500 to 510 mm and 600 to 610 mm.
  • Tungsten tipped side trimmers for interlocking panel joint.
  • Standard Interlocking panel joint system for 1200 module panel.
  • Auto Assisted start.
  • Standard face panel surface groove.
  • Easy clean head adhesive application system.
  • Adhesive pre-heat and post heaters. Machine lights Machine guarding MMI Operator computer control panel.
  • 3 Bag Dust Extraction unit for lamination line unit only
  • Automatic flying Band saw for square cut panels.
  • 2 off 5 Metre Run-out tables for wall panel.


  • 8 Tonne coil holders bore 500 to 519 mm or 600 to 610 mm
  • Coil bore.
  • Deep Profile Rollformer for Profiled roof system.
  • Crown insertion unit.
  • Insulated enclosure for press section.
  • Insulated enclosure for band saw.
  • Caterpillar press modified to incorporate lower profiled sheet for DPR panel production.
  • End of panel rebate cutter for end of panel step cuts.
  • Automatic Cold wire saw for cutting step cuts in panel core.
  • 2 Off Run out tables for the profiled roof panel.
  • Panel Unloading Vacuum stacker.
  • Panel inverter for DPR Panel.
  • Finished Panel stretch wrapping system including continuous panel stretch wrapper and conveyors.
  • Mineral Wool lamella saw.


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