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Discontinuous Panel Production

Adhesive Application :

Easy Clean Diamond Bead Applicator : Pneumatic

  • 1Off Main fabricated frame.
  • 3 off 300mm wide (for single component moisture curing adhesive) 'EASY CLEAN' bead applicator nozzles at 10mm centres.
  • Bead head mounted on traverse unit driven by a rod less cylinder.
  • The width control can be adjusted by manually moving a pneumatic limit switch although with one width once this is set it will not need to be moved. One limit will be fixed in line with the datum or working side of the machine.
  • Manual clip on nozzle box for immersing the bead head in a plastisciser sealing off the nozzles when not in use.
  • Flush out/cleaning trough situated under the bead applicator.
  • Water spray system.
  • System to manually raise and lower bead applicator for differing panel thickness. This will comprise of a hand wheel and counter
  • Gear pump system for delivering the adhesive to the bead head, driven via a variable speed AC motor gearbox.
  • IBC stand with intermediate 200 litre adhesive storage stand.
  • Push button start/stop

The bead applicator moves over the core where a one component moisture curing polyurethane adhesive is applied. The bead applicator is 300mm wide and traverses across the panel as it moves down the panel, this effect creates a 'diamond' pattern. The traversing action of the head dispenses slightly more adhesive at the edges of the product, by accurately controlling the coating width this is then stepped inwards from the side and allowed to squeeze out during the pressing process.

The core product will then be flipped and the second side will be coated. Also as the bead applicator travels along a water mist is also applied to activate the adhesive. The bead head comprises our new 'EASY CLEAN' solid Teflon head, this has nozzles set at 10mm centres, to a width of 300mm. 3 heads supplied 1 in use, 1 spare with side plates, and 1 curing .


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