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SIPS Panel Production

Vacuum Handling

The Bonded Panel Technology panel stacker is designed to pick and stack finished panels of various sizes in up to 2 different positions. Fully automatic and manual options are available and they have all been designed with safety in mind. An in built vacuum reservoir prevents any panels from dropping in the event of loss of power.

Typical specification for 12 metre capacity Vacuum stacker:

  • 1 off scissors lift unit mounted on free-standing steelwork.
  • Twin wire hoist with integral brake, driven via a fixed speed A.C. motor gearbox.
  • Vacuum lifting frame with 32 off vacuum pads fitted with ball valves to manually isolate pads not being used, vacuum circuit, pump, etc.
  • Side transfer carriage to move the vacuum lifter from the run-out conveyor to the stacking positions, carriage mounted on flanged wheels and driven via a variable speed A.C motor gearbox.
  • Panel size 1.2M wide 12M long. 250mm thick mineral wool with steel facings.
  • Two position stacking.
  • Control panel incorporated, with PLC control.
  • Free standing steelwork with cross rails for mounting the vacuum crane.
  • Lifting capacity 500 kg


  • Automatic Panel length selection in lieu of manual ball valves.
  • Powered conveyors for full automatic operation.
  • Panel inverter for Deep Profiled Roof Panels.
  • Powered unloading conveyors

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